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Krsul + Viederman Architects, PLLC was founded in 2004 and has offices in both New York and Michigan. We specialize in residential and commercial design and have completed a wide variety of projects.

KVA's approach to design is a collaborative one. We work closely with the client and encourage an exchange of ideas. The resulting projects are both unique and deeply rooted in the client's sensibilities.

We develop design solutions by carefully analyzing program, client needs, site and contextual queues, guaranteeing that each project will be unique and distinctive. We also strive to provide environmentally conscious solutions by using cutting edge materials and technologies.

Our residential work includes numerous apartments, lofts, townhouses, additions and new homes and has been featured in the New York Times Magazine. Commercial projects include restaurants, retail spaces, academic buildings and office spaces. We have also received acclaim for our participation in numerous design competitions including the World Trade Center competition, the Aids Life Center in San Francisco, and the Millennium Church at Tor Tre Teste, Rome.

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